Boxes (Design, Warehousing)

Chase Partitions, Inc. primarily involves itself with services associated with boxes, particularly product design and warehousing.


  • If you have a product, but are not sure how to package it, Chase Partitions, Inc. will design a practical and affordable solution for you.  Their designs have appeared in Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and many other prominent places.  
  • Chase Partitions, Inc. also offers free samples on all of their proposed solutions, and CAD drawings are available as well.

Benefits of Warehousing with Chase Partitions, Inc.

  • Convenience - Provides the option to pick up all required products from one location, which saves money spent on gasoline and freight.
  • Assurance - Products will be ready and on hand whenever they are needed.
  • Space - Save your own warehouse space, and let Chase Partitions, Inc. hold your products for you. 


Corrugated Partitions

  • Able to sustain heavier loads
  • Have a cushioning effect, which is ideal for fragile materials
  • Green friendly due to large amounts of recycled material


  • Pads are available in B, C, and doublewall combination flutes of corrugated paper, and all grades and types of chipboard.  

  • Corrugated Pads (right side of picture) are typically used as layer separators to allow for multiple levels of product inside one box.  While chipboard pads (left side of picture) may be used in the same fashion, chipboard pads are frequently used to add stability to envelopes, picture frames, notebooks, etc.


  Slotted Pads

Additional Pads 

  Scored Pads

Pallet Pads

Pallet Pads or Slip Sheets are used to cover the bottom of pallets to protect and to keep your product clean from dust and intact from the rough uneven surface or even the heads of nails of the pallets. Pallet liners can be used to sperate products into different layers on a pallet to help with sorting during distrubution. Our Pallet Pads and liners are light weight and made from 100% recycled board and papers..

Chipboard Partitions

  • Typically use only 25-33% of the room that corrugated partitions require
  • Typically cost less, since recycled chipboard costs less than corrugated
  • Result in freight savings due to more partitions per unit than corrugated partitions
  • Carton size and cost may decrease when switching from corrugated to chipboard
  • Come with multiple options for locking, notching, and entry

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Z Pads